The Craft of Brewing

What do we mean
when we say we
make “Craft Beer”?

Quality. Best ingredients. Freshness. Full taste. It’s about the spirit of small batches made for local customers. It’s about the discovery of different styles of beer and the care, attention and knowledge that goes into brewing each and every one of them. For all those who appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a great beer, we continue to deliver on our promise to brew exceptional ales and lagers that offer a distinctive taste and unsurpassed quality.

Barley. Hops. Yeast. Water. It really is that simple. And, according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, it’s all we need to make a mighty tasty brew. Having rejected the lure of additives and preservatives used by other breweries to speed up the process, we’re understandably picky about what’s allowed into our beer – not to mention – what isn’t. We only use the finest ingredients we can possibly get our hands on: Premium, two-row Canadian barley, Czech and Bavarian hops, our own signature yeast strain and 100% pure Okanagan spring water. Because we cold filter our beer – never pasteurize it – you can appreciate the bold, full flavour of quality ingredients in every drop of beer we make.

Having played an integral role in BC’s discovery of craft beers, our beer remains the industry standard. Although serious about the art of brewing, we don’t take ourselves too seriously – it’s beer after all! Whether you’re trying us for the first time, or you’ve loved us from that first taste, we welcome anyone who thirsts for something better.